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The Centre for Hyperbaric Medicine "BarO2Med" with the headquarters in Jzu Hospital Trebinje is equipped for the highest European standards for the quality of service in this branch of medicine. HBO therapy services are enabled for all patients in the state of this kind of therapy, athletes and all who want to improve their health. Since the agreement on Business and Technical co-operation between Jzu hospital Trebinje and HBO Centre "BarO2Med" is enabled to provide HBO therapy with all health services of the Republic of Srpska with a manual of Dr. Special Family Medicine.

Centar za hiperbaričnu medicinu Baromed JZU Bolnica Trebinje

  • Expert team of HBO Centre "BarO2Med" consists of a doctor of military and hyperbaric medicine specialists, doctors specialized in different branches of medicine, medical technicians-nurses with the field of baromedical education. Their work, coordination and cooperation is a guarantee of highly skilled implementation of HBO therapy. Pre-treatment of HBO therapy cycle every patient with prepared medical documentation is examined by Doctor Specialist in order to evaluate and prepare for HBO therapy. After possible additional medical searches, the doctor makes decisions regarding the treatment protocol and is responsible for conducting HBO therapy. Before the beginning of every therapy of one HBO cycle, the patient is depending on the basis of the parameters: blood pressure, pulse, saturation, glucose and other parameters depending on the condition of the patient. In patients with wounds, a regular redress and processing of wounds are performed and the need to involve the need to include additional medicine or the opinion of doctors of proper speciality. The patient at HBO Center "BarO2Med" was never left to himself. During therapy, he always accounts for the whole team.
  • Patients in the atmosphere of clean 100% of molecular oxygen under therapeutic pressure supply with more than atmospheric treatment provides HBO therapy in special devices, hyperbaric chambers. Two single-site oxygen hyperbaric ventricles are installed in the Barosali centre "BarO2Med". Each one is equipped with the latest computerized counter as well as the counter for manual control of the chamber. In addition to audio-visual contact with the patient in the chamber, medical monitoring is provided, tracking of clinical condition of the patient during the duration of HBO therapy. The premembership for a single-mix hyperbaric chamber is based on individual access to treatment. Continuous monitoring of the latest scientific knowledge in the area of hyperbaric medicine and their implementation in the daily work of center "BarO2med" is achieved excellent results in the treatment of a wide range of diseases indicated for this kind of therapy.
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